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Taking Your Car Off-Road and Insurance Payments

I am taking my car off the road for a period of time (SORN) – do I still have to pay my insurance premium?


  Money is always hard to earn and it is painful to pay for something which you don’t use! We are happy to answer this question of yours and even happier to let you know that this time the answer is not thrown in the basket of straightforward NO. Yes, there can be situations where you need not use your car. There can be multiple reasons. You may go out for a vacation or maybe it is an official tour!


  No matter what in case your car is not in use for a continuous period of twenty eight (28) days or more, we are likely to suspend the insurance coverage and repay a part of the premium paid by you for the period when your car is laid-up! It is interesting to know that but a word of caution is there. As a part of our financial interest and also as a safety measure, we have a clause that this refund of a part of paid premium can take place if and only if the usage of car is suspended for some other reason other than damage or loss covered by the insurance policy that you purchased for your car.

  But stopping the cover does not mean that the fund is repaid immediately. The part of the premium will be refunded only when you ask to start the cover again. In case you want to suspend the cover and lay your car on rest for a period which is equivalent to twenty eight days or more, you need to send back the RAC Direct Insurance Certificate of Motor Insurance with immediate effect. The best part is yet to be uncovered! During the period of suspension of coverage, RAC Direct Insurance will continue to provide cover to your car against any damage caused by fire and/or theft. This again is subject to a very transparent policy and we require that your car is locked properly in a proper working condition in your private garage. If not, the cover will not be given.

  It is not only you who care for your car. Even we try to help and assist our customers to take a proper care of their car and bring a touch of care and happiness in your life!


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