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All You need to Know About Content Insurance

You would have spend a lot to beautify your home with equipments and buliding. If a damage occurs to your properties, its a big loss. So when you buy content insurance, it covers for the damages cost due to fire, earth quakes, lightning, theft, riots or vandalism, storms or flooding , falling trees, moving objects and leking of water or oil. So with Content Insurance you need not worry much when your properties are damaged. You can claim the money back .

Policy choices

You have wide range of content Insurance policies and choose the best one. So that you don’t empty your pocket to claim.

New For Old Policy : In this the insurer will pay either the full cost to replace damaged items with new ones or the cost to repair damaged items.

Indemnity Policy : The remibursement is based on the damage incurred. Compensations is paid in money or the cost to repair damages items which ensures that the owner retains his old financial situation.


Bedroom Rated Policy : Here, your level of claim is based on the number of bedrooms you have. Here the insurers will have to know homw many rooms are used for sleeping in.

Sum Insured Policy : In this, the user calculates the amount of damage caused and the insurer calculates your claim on this basis.

Where to Buy Content Insurance?

It’s wise and cheaper to buy content insurance from service providers. your saved from extra brokerage to insurance brokers. If you are not sure of the policies and procedures, you can contact the brokers they will adivise you about the policies and help you identify the items that wil be included under standard insurance policies. You can find insurance brokers in British Insurance Broker’s Association.

What does Standard Insurance Policies Cover?

Cost to accomodation in hotels if your not able to survive in you home due to damage
Legal liablity as the occupant
Accidental damage to electonic equipments and gadgets
Loss of food if freezer breaks down
Money theft from your home

Accidental damages includes the damages caused to stereo and electronic equipments. But your valuable goods and furnitures are left out from claim. So if you dont mind paying a little extra of 20 to 100 pounds, you can cover uo your damages.