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Insurance is a very popular means of financial planning. There are many kinds of insurance policies available in the market such as life insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, business insurance etc. there are some kind of insurances that are compulsory by law such as car insurance. There are different ways of purchasing insurance policy from the market but the online method of purchasing insurance in getting popular day by day.

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Car insurance is the most common type of insurance that is available online. But it is not that you can get online insurance only for car but you can have any kind of insurance online. The reason for car insurance getting more popular online is that the car insurance companies offer some kinds of discount exclusively for the online customers.

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In any type of policy, online insurance is generally cheaper in comparison to the insurance policies offered by the insurance agents as a traditional way of selling insurance policies. The difference lies in the overheads in the two forms. The insurance agents also work for money and therefore the price that is offered by these agents is inclusive of the profit margin of the insurance agents. Along with it the insurance companies need to have properly maintained their office and maintain the files of insurance policies and they will also require training some employees about selling insurance. All these costs are added in the insurance premium but in case of online insurance there is no such hidden cost. And therefore the premium charged by the online insurance policies is lesser in comparison to the traditional method of getting insurance.


Some people think that the services provided by the insurance agents can’t be there in case of online insurance. The online insurance cannot provide as much options of insurance policies as insurance agents can. But it is just a myth. In fact the online insurance can provide the same service as an insurance agent can. You will get the same extra options in online insurance are just the same as provided by the traditional insurance agents.

Online insurance companies do not provide the services of insurance agents with whom you can discuss the policy. There will be no person to explain you the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. This thing sometimes discourages people from taking insurance policies online. But this difficulty is also overcome with the help of toll free numbers that are mentioned in the site of the online insurance companies. There are also e- mail addresses published in these websites to help you sort out your insurance related problems and these online insurance companies also conduct online chart by some expert insurance advisor to provide help to the online customers.

In short it is just the opinion of the people that make online insurance good or bad but the only major difference between online insurance and the traditional method of taking insurance is that online insurance is comparatively cheaper.

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