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Insurance is a way of getting financial aid in case of some mis-happening. It protects from any financial loss in case of some mishappening as mentioned in the insurance contract. The insurance company provides financial assistance in case we make a claim on the happening of certain mishappening that has been mentioned in the insurance contract. There are different procedures for making insurance claims in different kinds of insurance policies.




For example in case of medical insurance you need to file insurance claims with in two months of your medical appointment. You should submit all your medical related documents with the insurance company but never forget to keep a Photostat copy of all the papers that you submit with the insurance company. This will help you in case you need reference in the future. In case the insurance company does not settle your claim within 45 days of filing the claim then you should contact the insurance company and ask for immediate action to resolve the matter. You should make it sure that your doctor has clearly mentioned appropriate codes of diagnosis in the receipts that you have deposited with the insurance company. If the codes are not mentioned then there may be delay in the settling of insurance claims by the insurance company. This is the procedure for filing insurance claims in medical insurance companies.


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 In case of other kinds of insurance policies you should first of all determine the damage that has been done to the property insured on case of some mishappening. After clearly examining the damage your first step should be to contact the insurance provider or insurance agent from whom you had taken the policy. But you should always remember the name of the person whom you contact while making insurance claims and you should also remember the name of the place and the time where and when you meet that person. You should have your insurance policy number handy when you are reporting damage to the insurance company. You should also call some photographer so as to take the photographs or video of damage done to the property. It will act as a proof of the damage. You should give your contact number to the insurance agent whom you have called for making claims. It will help that person to contact you in case of need.




One another thing to consider is that you should not take any steps to permanently repair the damage unless the insurance agent has examined the damage. But you can do repair work to prevent further damage. You should keep the record of the repair work with all the receipts. It will help you in getting reimbursement for the repair work. You should keep the damaged material with you till you get your claim settled by the insurance company as a record of the damage.




Another important thing to notice is that where to make insurance claim when the insurance office is itself damaged or close? In such situation you should contact the CAT office of the insurance company. You can get information about this office on internet.




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