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Traditionally, you had to approach a broker or an agent to buy yourself a car insurance policy. But, these days, there has been a change in trends. A majority of individuals prefer to buy their car insurance online. Not only is this process less tedious, but also you can come across much cheaper policies online.

Approaching a broker can have many disadvantages when compared to buying the car insurance online. The first among them is that you have to pay the broker some amount of commission for securing you the right car insurance deal. Thus, the policies that you buy from brokers are almost always more expensive than the ones you buy online. Usually, from the brokers, you can get quotes from only a limited number of car insurance firms, whereas on the internet you can visit the websites of each of the firms separately and buy the insurance policies from them.
Car insurance concept.
Also, there are many websites available on the internet that helps you compare the quotes from various car insurance companies. These websites have a comprehensive list of most of the car insurance firms. On some of the websites, you can even get the reviews of the various car insurance firms. These help you in the process of selecting a good firm for yourself.


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