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Here below we share one of our visitor’s experience while dealing with Van insurance brokers.

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I started my business of transporting goods from one place to another during last month. I hired three professional drivers for my vans. Now I needed to insure my vans against any future losses that might take place. Since I was quiet busy in completing the legal formalities of starting a business I had no time for studying different van insurance policies and make a choice. But one thing was sure that I wanted the most economical policies for my vans as my business was just going to start and I could not pay for big insurance premiums for my van. I wanted such policy that will provide enough safety to my business besides being cheaper. In order to find out the best van insurance policy I hired a van insurance broker. It proved beneficial for me.

The van insurance broker gave me valuable information about the various van insurance policies that are prevalent in the market. He also suggested me to have such a van insurance policy that provides cover to the goods also which my vans will carry from one place to another. He did the comparison job for me told me about the best suited policy for my vans. He also told me a number of ways by which I can get discount on my van insurance policies. He told me to have all my vans insured by the same van insurance company as it will provide me some discount for additional policies.

-Steve from Newcastle

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