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Aviva insurance company is one of the best insurance companies of the world. It offers best deals in short term insurance policies of even 15 days too. You can choose any number of days for insuring your car between 1-28 days period. Even a single day car insurance policy is also available. Aviva offers cover for test drives, borrowing friends or relatives car for a weekend or sharing long drives on someone else’s car.

These insurance comes out with various facilities. Like if you are taking a 15 days policy it will not affect no claim discount on your main policy. Full business use is also available in temporary policy. You can chose comprehensive cover for driving in Europe and temporary breakdown cover.

At Aviva when they say no claim discount that means you can receive 70% discount on your annual premium and they also guarantee that customers won’t loss it no matter how many claims they make. The premiums will also not increase due to the number of claims. To obtain that you need to insure your car for 5 years. No ‘at fault’ claims in the last three years.

aviva-insuranceIf the driver is a named one he can receive some extra facilities. Such as the discount will be turned into NCD after one year’s claim free driving, the partner of the driver (i.e. spouse or husband) will receive 70% discount on their new insurance, Cars added mid term on to Aviva’s Multi Car policy will be given a year’s NCD with Aviva only if 6 months are remaining in Aviva’s multi car policy.
Aviva insurance company has 24 hours open phone line service daily. At times of emergency they are just a phone call away all day, all night and every day of the year. There is an accident manager who will instantly take all the details relating the insurance claim of your car and take immediate steps to resolve it. You don’t need to fill any forms for that. The accident manager will on the spot let you know if your policy covers your accident or not, how much you will have to pay etc.

carinsurance-cheapAfter accident depending on your policy you can receive replacement of child seat cover. Aviva also offers enhanced courtesy car upgrade which means if you have had an accident and your car needs repair work then you can receive another car of 5 doors and 1.6 liter engine with room for 5 people from Aviva.

Due to the crash if your car is not drivable any more then Aviva’s staff related to this come to the spot to drop you home at any time of the day.

For these multi purpose benefits Aviva car insurance for both long and short term has become popular among car owners.

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