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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Handyman Disasters – When Handyman Insurance Could Be Handy!

Blog post by Andy Jason from Brighton:

Handyman insurance, you might scoff, was what saved me from going through a midlife crisis last night. Just as I was finishing a job for a friend, drilling screws into a wall for a plasma screen bracket, my drill accidentally tore through major electrical wiring and caused substantial cosmetic damage to the wall. Uh oh! I thought I was in for some serious out-of-pocket expenses and severe embarrassment when I realised I had my cheap handyman insurance to hand. A few calls later and phew, I was saved a substantial financial headache. Amen! I just popped straight through to Home Depot for the parts I could fix and contacted an Electrician to fix the rest. That said, there have been a few stories when Professional Handymen did NOT have any handymen insurance and that’s where an idea for this blog post popped into my head.

Handyman Insurance

Below are two of the craziest handyman disasters I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances:

1. Edward (not real name, obviously to save disappointment), despite being a professional Handyman, did NOT have his handyman insurance and paid for it. Having bought taps from the local Plumbing Store, he was ready to adjust his wrench and begin screwing on the taps for an expensive bathtub. Only, he put too much weight behind the twist and split the tub halfway across the middle. His wealthy client wasn’t very pleased and did more than write a scathingly bad review for his services online. It’s true, there are professional Handymen who don’t have insurance or have forgotten to renew.


  1. Personal liability insurance wasn’t a real concern for Tom when his ladder was extended far beyond it’s recommended height without a supporting weight. His ladder scrapped the wall and slipped freefall hitting expensive homewares and placed art pieces whilst Henry unfortunately landed on an awkward angle. Not worth breaking 11 bones in his feet and 6 in his wrists and the financial burden of damaging expensive decor and art! Suffice to say Henry was more than 5 times out of pocket for the profit he was supposed to gain from the job.


Take home point:
1. Be Safe always, make sure you take your time and;
2. Definitely buy handyman insurance in case disaster strikes! My own insurance is really cheap and helpful!

Update May 2018:

Hourly Rate For Handymen In UK

The hourly rate for handymen in UK varies according to their skill level, and profile of companies hiring these experts. On an average, a handyman makes around £9.95 per hour. However, this figure shows a lot of variations, according to the nature of contract, whether the professional is working with a company or as an individual employee, besides other factors. Well, the demand for skilled handymen is UK is evident from the fact that the rise in number of vacancies has risen by around 5.5%, over the last few years. On an average, a handyman makes around £85 to £90 per day, provided he carries all the desired skills. The market is contemporarily facing a shortage of skilled professionals. As a result, the focus is shifting towards talented individual handymen.


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