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Monthly Archives: February 2016

How to Find Cheaper Insurance for Young Drivers

Finding Cheap Car Insurance Policies for New Drivers

If you are a person who has just got through your driving test, you may be aware of the hardships you have to face when you are out in the market looking for cheap car insurance. The car insurance providers think that the new drivers belong to the high-risk category. Statistics have proved that one out of the five new car drivers meet with an accident in the first two years of driving. This makes them think twice before they make a quote to the new drivers.


Searching for cheap car insurance is a really challenging task for the new drivers. One factor that makes it tough is the fact that they will not have ‘no claims discounts’ to claim for. Some among the significant tips that can help the new drivers in availing cheaper car insurance are mentioned below.

Join for Pass Plus

You have to consider joining for Pass Plus when you are done with our driving test. Pass Plus is an advanced driving course that will improve your driving skills. When you have gone through this course, you can prove in front of the car insurance providers that you have ample amount of experience behind the wheels and that too in all driving conditions. Most of the accredited driving schools offer this certificate. They teach the drivers and help them acquire skills including the different things to be kept in mind when they are driving in the motorways. This course will not cost much to the new drivers, but will help in reducing the overall cost of the insurance policy. The benefits you can reap by this course are not limited to reducing the cost of insurance. You can improve your driving skills drastically too.

Selecting the car

The car you go for can have a huge impact on the insurance premiums. You must try to get the cars that have small and less powerful engines. The cars with less powerful engines come under the low insurance classes. You must also make it a point to avoid modifying the cars under any circumstances.

Insurance in your parent’s name

If you so not have enough money to get insurance in your name, you can get the insurance in your parent’s name too. Even though, this technique will help you reduce the premium amounts, it is not that recommended. The thing is that you have to think about the future when you are trying to save petty amounts by taking the help of these techniques. You have to take the insurance in your name and start accumulating the no claims bonus as soon as possible. As the time passes, you can reap the benefits of taking the insurance in your name. The amount you save through the no claims bonus will be much higher than what you can save now through these techniques.

Comparing the quotes

You have to shop around and understand the trends in the market and the policies of the different insurance providers. The policies of the car insurance providers differ from one another and it is not advised to go for the first quote that comes your way. Going for the companies that specialize in offering insurance to young drivers is a good thing to do. They will be able offer you highly competitive rates.