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Monthly Archives: August 2015

What to do in Case of an Incident?

I have been involved in an incident but am unsure of my legal position – what help can you provide?

  In the realms of insurance, the subject we deal with is not only money and only profit. We have a humanitarian aspect as well. We understand that in a way that all the fingers of a person’s hand can never be same, the knowledge held by everyone can also never be the same! We don’t laugh on you for that. Rather we try our best to help you with your lack of knowledge and make your life a little easy and smooth. We are happy doing so.

  It might happen that you can get involved in an accident and are ignorant about the legal consequences that will follow. You may also don’t know whether or not, this accident will affect your insurance policy that you already hold or you are planning to hold. We have a team of experienced people who try to help you on this matter. As we said that we do this out of the humanitarian aspect, we do not charge you even a single pound for this!

Car insurance

  If you get involved in any such situation, you can freely call freephone number and seek legal advice. The legal advice that is provided to you is kept confidential in all respects and means. The legal advice includes any personal legal matter that can be related to the usage of your car. What you find here is a set of people who make you aware of your legal rights and what actions can you take from your end to defend your position and push yourself on a safe side. They also advise you about consulting a lawyer or not. It may happen that you can yourself implement those actions without having consulted a lawyer. If this is feasible then, our advisors will let you know and guide you about the procedures.

  What do we ask in return? It is surely going to make you smile! When you call we just want to know the insurance reference number and all information correctly so that we can serve you better! At any hour during the day or during the night you are welcome to give us a call. 365 days a year we will attend your call. You will never feel neglected. It is not something that we just say for the sake of saying. It is a promise that we keep. You can trust on us.